Why Our Veterans Memorials Are Important

Imagine America without our veterans memorials. How would we remember? How would our children remember?

The ACLU is threatening to tear down all monuments on public land that contain religious imagery. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April 2010 that a monument's religious imagery does not automatically require that it must be torn down, but the fight to preserve our memorials rages on.

It is our patriotic duty to stand up and tell these left-wing organizations that we won't have our freedoms boarded up or our values torn down. By signing our petition, you will be showing your support for our veterans. Your name will be added to a letter going to the President of the United States, asking him to appeal the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling that the Mount Soledad Memorial is unconstitutional.

You can also consider supporting our fight with a generous gift that will go towards our efforts to defend our freedoms at every level. Every dollar you send will make a difference in the way that our American veterans are remembered for generations to come!
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